Kansas City & Fort Worth

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Relient K at The Granada / Lawrence, KS


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From my visit to KIVU.

There’s absolutely nothing like this place. The things I’ve experienced there and the friendships I’ve made are like no other.

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A few shots from Grace’s Senior Portrait Session.

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A few shots from Sophie’s Senior Portrait Session.

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I really enjoyed editing these photos from yesterday. I hadn’t shot anything with my DSLR in forever. Props to Amanda for snapping the ones of me.

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April 2013 // iPhone b&w

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Exploring Fort Worth

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Sanibel Island, FL

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February 2013 // iPhone

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Last week after my trip to Salina, I spent a few days in Denver. While I was there, I got to spend some time with amazing friends from KIVU. We had lots of laughs, jam sessions, and even got to celebrate the New Year together.

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Christmas last week with my dad’s side of the family in Salina, KS. It was also my aunt’s birthday (part of the reasoning behind the hats/wigs in the fourth picture). This is always such a fun time every year, and the activities we do are starting to become memorable traditions. 

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It’s great to be back in Kansas City for the holidays, and I had a fun afternoon today hanging out with two of my best friends.

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One of my jobs throughout the week includes doing some design work for a department of TCU Athletics. The department I work in also makes cool videos that play for each sporting event, and sometimes I go down on the field to help assist. Here are some shots I snapped while doing that a few days1 ago. 

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I’ve enjoyed my time in KC the past few days!

Pictured: Friday I got to drink some Rootbeer Chai, walk around the old Epperson House and see a show at The Beaumont. Saturday and Sunday were spent with family, watching movies and raking the yard. Monday I got some work done and took some photos…back in Texas now!

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Some Instagram shots from the last week or so.